Discipline is the core part of any organization success. We firmly believe in the self-discipline of the student so as to build up a good citizenship of the country.
Boys should come in the campus clean shaven with the proper dress code. Students are not supposed to carry a mobile phone in the classes and if they are caught making a call or receiving ¬them, immediate action will be taken against them by the department.
For both boys and girls the dress code and discipline is essential to be maintained. If they are found violating the rules, they will be penalized by the department which could range from a fine up to Rs. 1000 to the expulsion of the students from their academic pursuits.
Dress code should be strictly maintained for both boys and girls in the premises. It is being advised to boys to come in the campus wearing formal shoes and maintaining the decorum of the Department.

The Dress Code for MBA students is as follows

Shirt White
Trouser Black
Tie Black
Shoes Black
Blazer Black