Mission & Vission

Mission & Vision 

  • Emerging as pioneer institution of India and serving lofty goals of corporate world.
  • Best trained youth in social and economic revolution particularly through expertise in creating and handling of knowledge that offer great potential for sustainable development.
  • Best professional cadre to build national economy.
  • Best human forces to exploit more market opportunities.
  • Best leader of knowledge industry

Growth Track

  • The Department has initiated several measures of growth designed to, ensuring the participation of faculty in the programme like seminars, symposia, workshops, industry interactions etc.
  • Continuous students counseling.
  • Adoption of new teaching technology and putting more emphasis on functional learning.

We firmly believe in the presumptions that

  • Investment in professional education is an investment in the future.
  • Professional education is a powerful tool to build knowledge for an information-based society.
  • Professional education has a direct link with knowledge industry.
  • Generation of knowledge, absorption of it, if produced elsewhere and application of knowledge in relevant fields is the mantra of success.