Boy's Hostel

Boy's Hostel

  • Boys Hostel is located in west of the campus of the Computer Center Department named as PG-3 Hostel. The hostel has the capacity of about 64 students.It gives environment to create most effective conditions for student development .The hostel has well furnished rooms with all the necessary facilities for boarding and other recreational activities. The hostel is designed in such a way so as to provide optimum utilization of student's time for their overall personality development. Events like plays and farewell parties are also part of the regular social fare here. The first aid facility is available within the campus.
  • All selected students who need the hostel accommodation are required to apply in the prescribed application form obtainable from the university on payment of Rs.200 only.
  • Current Hostel Charge is Rs.3600/- only per annum. (The hostel charge is subject to revision from time to time)
  • Boarders are expected to observe the rules and regulations of hostels prescribed for them as well as the social norms that living together demands.
  • Failure to observe discipline or violation of rules and regulations may make a student liable to disciplinary action, which may result in expulsion from hostel.
  • If a student does not appear at the final examination or fails, she has to apply afresh for the hostel accommodation.
  • The Hostel Committee makes allotments of seats before the commencement of classes.
  • Students belonging to the Schedule Caste or Schedule Tribe (SC / ST) will be given preference in the allotment of hostel accommodation.


  • The hostel buildings are remarkable pieces of architecture. The hostel is away from the crowd of city.


  • Well furnished and spacious rooms are available for 64 boys. All the rooms are very airy. The hostel rooms are usually double seater. Each room is equipped with two beds, two study tables and two study chairs.

Common Room

  • A spacious common room is available in the hostel, which is a place for constructive activities like indoor games, discussions and get together within the hostel. Indoor games like carom board, chess, table tennis are provided within the hostels. T.V. facility with dish connection is also available so that the students can well aware with the outside world. There is a separate Badminton and volley-ball court in the hostel and sports equipment is provided from the hostel's sports committee.

Hostel Committees

  • Various committees viz cultural, discipline, sports, mess, maintenance have been established to provide opportunities for overall development in their personalities during their stay in the hostel. These clubs serve to organize all the cultural events and other happenings in the hostel.


  • The hostel provides the students with daily newspapers and various magazines to make them aware of the daily happenings of the world.

Other Facilities

  • The hostel also provides vehicle stand and purified drinking water facility to the students. Kerosene oil is also provided to the students at govt. rate every month.