Course Offered

Mater of Business Administration

The Department has a band of six distinguished Core Faculty, and some Guest Faculties comprising senior academicians, practicing professionals and young brains. Our faculty members enrich us with the practical as well as theoretical dimensions of the business world. They keep abreast of the latest developments and trends in their respective field of specialization to make the whole process of imparting education more interesting, informative and in tune ,with the changing times. The faculty member are always available to discuss progress of students works to explore an idea or for any academic query. It has been aptly said, A single conversation across the table with a wise man is more than a month's study of books.
The teaching methodologies focus on lecture, case study, seminar and other participative discussion. Free exchange of ideas between students and teachers is the underlying current of each and every activity. The teaching inputs by the core faculty are supplemented by the visiting and guest faculty drawn from various fields.
The philosophy of the Department is: Do not follow where the path may lead, Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
Support System: The resources that help the students to achieve their goals.
Department is recognized not just by its size or its final results but also the infrastructure it provides. The Department provides the students a full range of academic and other resources.

We offer

  • Innovative practices in classroom transaction.
  • Two-way transaction between teachers and students.
  • New teaching technologies.
  • Potential Resource Persons to our students.

We focus on

  • Balance between conceptual and application- oriented learning.
  • Strategic learning to face the emerging challenges of business world.
  • Continuous efforts on evolving a sound system to run the programme.
  • Flexible approach to adopt good practices.

Design of Classroom Teaching

  • Promoting Self-learning.
  • Teacher as Facilitator and Motivators.
  • Attention to both conceptual and application knowledge through classroom learning programme.
  • Accommodation of group discussion, case study, seminar in classroom teaching.
  • Promoting decision making capacity of students.
  • Arrangement of audio - visual film for self - learning.