Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation is the most important best practice of Sardar Patel memorial College, Udantpuri. We have got a unique approach in this direction. Yoga is not confined to only physical level. It encompasses entire spectrum of life i.e. physical, psychological and spiritual.

Recently, Buddha Meditation Centre has been established along with a Buddha Garden.

Benefits of Meditation:

The benefit of the meditation is to calm the mind and to get positive energy so that all stakeholders of the college may derive benefit from practicing meditation.

  • To maintain good physical, mental and spiritual health.
  • To increase productivity in both in academics and extension activities.

There are scientific evidences that meditation increases intelligence, concentration, inter-personal relationships. It helps students, teachers and non-teaching employees to remain in a state of happiness.

The concept of this practice is that if one is in harmony with oneself, one can be in harmony with all beings in existence. We practice Zazen (means ‘sitting’ in Japan) Meditation which is modified form of Vipassana – the Buddha’s original method of meditation. In this meditation, a person is required “just to sit” for as long as one wants. The duration of the method can be as low as 15 minutes and may be as long as many hours. One of the most important features of this meditation is that it does not require the presence of any special Guru.

Practicing method has great relevance for higher education in India. Students and academics are often found to be a pray of stress related issues. In several cases, some students and teachers are found to be in a state of depression. Meditation has medicinal effects on mind and body. It may also be called a spiritual medicine that heals multidimensional psycho-physical wounds. It has more relevance in the present scenario than ever before in the past.   

Recently, a Buddha Graden (with Buddha Statue) is established for practicing Zazen meditation in the morning.