About the Department:

The Department of English was established in 1974. It offers a dynamic study of literature across historical periods, geographical boundaries and diverse political and social contexts.
Students build deep and lasting connections with their faculty and fellow students. The support and respect each student receives foster a community that is committed to academic excellence, scholarly inquiry and mutual respect among colleagues.
We are passionate about the education of students and their success. We empower the leaner, inspire a global consciousness and are at the forefront of innovative learning.
As a faculty, we guide our undergraduate students down paths of discovery, not only about themselves as agents and meaning makers but also about others whom they may experience as different from themselves. Through the meditation of literature and film which facilitates sympathy and imaginative inhabiting of the unfamiliar students find ways to connect across cultural differences.
We listen to our undergraduates, pushing them to challenge and thereby refine their interpretative skills. In the process, students become clear and effective communicators who can take into account the vagaries and vicissitudes of language. We engage our undergraduate curiosity and pleasure in literary and cinematic texts, and we encourage them to question how these texts work to create intellectual and emotional meaning. We provide students with an excellent education in the liberal arts-one that strikes an ideal balance between creativity and critical inquiry so that they enter into professional or academic job markets.



Designation: Professor

Qualification: M.A., Ph.D.

Thrust Area: Poetry of W.B. Yeats

Mobile: 9934047268